Costs of LASIK

It is difficult to define the exact costs of LASIK surgery. There are many possible surgery options. In addition, the experience of the doctors differ at each location, and of course, you pay for experience. In addition, the location matters. We pay more rent or pay more to employees in metropolitan areas, relative to smaller cities. Of course, there is, at some level, a defined cost for every service we provide, at each location.  However, there is some leeway that must be allowed, for special needs of an individual patient.  We have, however, tried to define costs of LASIK for as many of our services as possible. Please be aware, though that the actual LASIK price you are offered may vary a little, after an eye examination, from those mentioned in the link. Also, we often run promotional campaigns, for different types of procedures.  We often run special discounts during lean or very busy months, and it is a good idea to avail of these discounts.

Click LASIK Costs India for a good handle on the costs you may expect, especially in our locations at Mumbai, Hyderabad, Vadodara, Ahmedabad and Anand.






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